Cryptocurrency News

New Stablecoins Commence a Fresh Assault on Tether

5 minutes ago · Can any stablecoin topple tether? In 2019, the answer to that question was an emphatic ‘No.’ Despite a string of stablecoins being released onto the market, tether (USDT) increased its grip on the cry...

Maker Price Analysis - Multicollateral Dai released

5 hours ago · Initially, ETH was the only collateral accepted for backing Dai. In November 2019, MKR introduced a multi-collateral asset. The original single-collateral asset, backed by ETH, was renamed Sai, while...

SEC issues IEO investor alert

5 hours ago · The SEC issued an investor alert this week urging investors to use caution before investing in initial exchange offerings or IEOs.

Gemini Crypto Custody Branch Now Insured with $200 Million

7 hours ago · Coinspeaker Gemini Crypto Custody Branch Now Insured with $200 MillionGemini exchange announced that it has set up its in-house insurance company to protect its clients against any probable loss of co...

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